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Better and Longer Inhibition of T-Cell Reacivity Than Prednisolone.

Minimum Adverse Effect Compared to Prednisolone & Methyl Prednisolone .

Less Chances of Steroid Induced Osteoporoses Compared to Prednisolone.

With the valuable facilitation of experienced team of professionals, we are offering a superior quality Wincal Tablets which enhances Bone Mineralization . Short term therapy with CALCIUM may improve blood pressure as well as secondary hyperparathyroidism more effectively than monotherapy.

Offers significant protection against decrease in hemoglobin percentage

shows good result in cirrhosis & viral hepatitis

offers hepatoprotective adaptogenic & immunomodulatory activities.

total herbal protection

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L-carnitine is an amino acid (a building block for proteins) that is naturally produced in the body.

L-carnitine supplements are used to increase L-carnitine levels in people whose natural level of L-carnitine is too low because they have a genetic disorder, are taking certain drugs (valproic acid for seizures), or because they are undergoing a medical procedure (hemodialysis for kidney disease) that uses up the body’s L-carnitine. It is also used as a replacement supplement in strict vegetarians, dieters, and low-weight or premature infants.

L-carnitine is used for conditions of the heart and blood vessels including heart-related chest pain, congestive heart failure (CHF), heart complications of a disease called diphtheria, heart attack, leg pain caused by circulation problems (intermittent claudication), and high cholesterol.

Some people use L-carnitine for muscle disorders associated with certain AIDS medications, difficulty fathering a child (male infertility), a brain development disorder called Rett syndrome, anorexia, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, overactivethyroid, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), leg ulcers, Lyme disease, and to improve athletic performance and endurance.

The body can convert L-carnitine to other amino acids called acetyl-L-carnitine and propionyl-L-carnitine. But, no one knows whether the benefits of carnitines are interchangeable. Until more is known, don’t substitute one form of carnitine for another.

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Common conditions of Cold

Allergic Cough & Cold

Seasonal Cold

Nasal & Sinus Congestion

Sinus Pain & Headache

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One of the finest suppliers and traders of this impeccable and diverse range of Medicinal drugs, Hindustan Biotech, began its operations in the year 2005. The range inclusive of the finest Antibiotics Drugs, Neurological Drugs and Nutritional Drugs, is widely acclaimed and asked for. Making of this range is done following the norms and guidelines defined by the FDA, by trusted vendors, utilizing the finest ingredients in the best possible combination. Owing to this, the product’s effectiveness and shelf life, is widely praised. In addition to this we provide the finest Pharma Franchise Service and Pharma Pcd Service, at the most reasonable rate possible.

The highly developed warehousing facility at Hindustan Biotech, is widely praised for its spacious nature and resistance to fire, rain, earthquake and insect infestation. This helps us preserve our goods for a longer period of time. The facility laced with all the necessary machinery and equipment, facilitates smoother attainment of the firm’s predefined goals and objectives. In order to manage the firm’s operations, in the best possible manner, the facility has been compartmentalized. In addition to this, our ethical work practices, have helped us generate a huge client base comprising Pharma Sales Corporation, Bliss cotton , Sri Divya Sai Pharmaceuticals, Shradha enterprises, Royal Medical Agencies...

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